Recently I have been very intrigued by one’s actions to achieve wellness and the intentional choices that can get you there.

I deal with a lot of pain on a regular basis. Not in myself, there are aches and pains here and there, but nothing even remotely as debilitating as some of the ailments and distortions in the musculoskeletal system and nervous system that I see on a very regular basis in practice.

People almost always call me when they are in pain. When they have done something either major (ie. crashing snowboarding and hitting a tree, falling off ladders, hitting a tree dirtbiking at 25mph, and falling backcountry skiing) or minor (making a salad and throwing the neck out, stretching in bed and throwing the neck out, bending down to tie their shoes/put on socks and throwing their low back out, or even just being really stressed out and working a lot and feeling the aches and pains add up).

All of these incidents that have caused people to be in pain are related. They all stem from the person’s initial actions that got them into that state of pain, and got their body to electrical threshold enough for their brain to perceive something as “PAIN”.

It is said to be true in research, that when your brain actually perceives something in your body as causing pain, that you have actually already lost 60% of the function going to that area. 60%! that’s ENORMOUS! 

So why do people let their bodies lose 60% of vital function in order to actually take action and make the intentional choice to do something about it? And why don’t people take the time to make the intentional choices on a daily basis to start to achieve wellness? Why have we become a society that is so concerned with instant gratification and an quick fix when clearly those actions don’t serve us or our health. Long term or short term.

I believe that if we make some intentional choices that serve us on a daily basis that we can start to reverse some of the damages that we have been placing upon our bodies in life and we can start to be healthier and start to feel better on a daily basis. Is this to say that if you make these choices you won’t throw your back out tying your shoes, or you won’t throw out your neck stretching in bed in the morning? Well, sadly no. BUT… making certain lifestyle choices can help to ease some of the stress in your body which is causing your nervous system to be at a higher electrical potential and that can lower that potential back to normal threshold in order for your body to respond in a more proper manner.

A mouthful, I know. But very achievable. In the following posts, I will be discussing a lot of these issues and the ways YOU can make simple intentional choices on a daily basis to be healthier, and to start to empower yourself into a wellness state.

I believe in what  I do. I know that Chiropractic works. I know I am blessed with an education and a skillset to change people’s lives and get them to a healthier path in life. It’s a matter of YOUR intention, and how badly you want to live a healthy life and enjoy more out of your body and your temple.

The power that made the body heals the body. If we make the right intentional choices on a daily basis, it’s amazing what these trillions of cells are capable of.

Namaste. Be well.

About balancedlifevt

I restore spinal health and motion in order to ensure proper nervous system function. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic.
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