Your spine is a vital part of your body. Being the “backbone” of your skeletal framework, the spine and skeleton perform three major functions for us on a daily basis.

1. The skeleton protects our internal organs and vital structures like our brains and spinal cords.

2. The bones of the skeleton provide a structural framework for our body.

3. The skeleton provides an attachment point for muscles that help allow us to move.

Chiropractors directly influence aspects of your nervous system, through movements of the spine. Since the Central Nervous System (consisting of our brains and spinal cord) is housed within the skull and vertebra, they are directly influenced by a chiropractic adjustment. As well, at each vertebral level where nerves exit from the spinal cord and travel out to various areas of your body, they are creating your Peripheral Nervous System, and those nerves are directly impacted by an adjustment as well. Those nerves are the ones that are traveling out to specific organs, glands, muscles and tissues of the body.

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